…Social Media, that is.

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Employment Transitions Ministries – Tulsa. This group was founded to help those who’ve lost their jobs, or want new ones, find like-minded others with whom to network, learn new strategies for finding THE job for them, and support each other in dealing with an incredibly stress-inducing time in our lives. You are not alone.

This blog’s purpose is to provide a central location for all communication between the leadership team and ETM members. Speaking of members, there is no membership requirement. You’re a member if you say you are. Or even if you don’t know it, yet. Because, the reality is, almost every single person will experience at least one job employment transition in their lifetime. The research shows that it’ll probably be more than that.

So, if you’re unemployed in or around Tulsa, OK, please join us every Thursday from 11am – 1pm at the First United Methodist Church located 11th and Boulder, Tulsa, OK. Parking is located across the street on Boulder. Even if you’re gainfully employed but want to network with a great bunch of people, and maybe learn a thing or three about your own career aspirations, show up. Everyone is welcome.

We look forward to meeting all our old and new friends.