You’ve heard of it. You’ve read about it. What the heck is it? Let Bill Johnson explain:

Every Monday morning, I send out an E-mail updating everyone on the status of the Launch Pad……this would be it.
At the meeting on Thursday, I could have sworn that several people were writing down my E-mail address to request a spot on the Launch Pad, but no one did………Huh……..I must have been mistaken.

Or maybe not.  Maybe the excitement wore off quickly and you remembered that it seemed a little intimidating to you, or maybe you determined that you just weren’t ready…….Huh……I hope I am mistaken.

You see, the Launch Pad is an open opportunity for other people to connect to your job search.  It is also an open opportunity for you to get some names, ideas, and direction to give your search a jump-start or a re-start (hence the name Launch Pad).  The fact of the matter is that two weeks ago we had eleven new people in the room and last Thursday we had twelve.  Although everyone introduced themselves, that memory is fading fast.  I, for one, remember those who do the Launch Pad.  If I start to forget, I also have a complete list of dates and names of EVERYONE who has done the Launch Pad in the past, and I keep a file on every resume that crosses my path via E-mail, so I can research the Launch Pad history when someone is looking for someone within a specific specialty.

So, it is up to you to help us help you.

Put aside your hang-ups and inhibitions.  There is no “state of readiness” for the Launch Pad.  It is your 20 minutes and all you have to do to qualify is to ask send me an email.  I have no one on the schedule beyond this Thursday, so I suggest you take a leap of faith NOW.

Ask your self, “Am I doing everything I can to further my job search?”  If you haven’t volunteered for the Launch Pad, the answer is “NO”.