February 2012

I just got a request from Nordam to forward the current 25 word list. Not on there? Sorry. Maybe you can take advantage of the next opportunity by forwarding your 25 words NOW.

Bill Johnson


I am doing things a little different today. For you alumni who are reading this, I am doing a summary of each launch pad presentation as well as including the resumes of the presenters.

On the Launch Pad next Thursday, March 1 are Paul Hiller and Harold Kalich. Susan Everett is on the Launch Pad for March 8. Our speaker on March 1 is Bob Costello giving his third presentation of his three part series.

Are you doing everything you can do to further your job search? If you haven’t done the Launch Pad, the answer is “NO”!

First up on the Launch Pad last Thursday was Kent Harris. Kent has a BA in education from Trinity University in San Antonio, an MS in Interior Design and an MA in Industrial Design. Kent’s most recent achievement was the design of the decco drop in downtown Tulsa last New Years Eve. He specializes in furniture design, store fixture dewsign, product design, renovation design, and hand renderings. Kent would like to be part of a design team in a larger corporation, and was given several contacts to check out. He was also encouraged to netrwork into some of the home offices of restaurant chains and to get creative on approaching some of the retailers in the malls whose presentation needs some help.

Second up on the Launch Pad was John Carter. John has a BA in Business Administration from UCO, an MS in Industrial Operations Management from NSU and carries C.P.M, CRIM and CPIM certifications. John’s last two jobs were Hilti (15 yrs) and Corpro (7yrs). John is looking for access to hiring managers at larger companies who have a greater understanding of the job necessities than HR. John got several good suggestions and encouragements, including the name of an insider at Navistar who is familiar with the ministry.

Last up on the Launch Pad was Clay Lineback. Clay has a BS in Business/Marketing from Arkansas University and “Can sell anything”. Most recently he was with Kirby-Smith Equipment selling construction and highway equipment for 15 years. He is confident of finding an equipment sales position but is currently bringing his resume current and investigating sales opportunities in other fields.

What about you? We have one Launch Pad opening for this Thursday and there is really no reason why you shouldn’t let us know about your search. Just return this E-mail with a request to be put on the schedule and I will reply with your date and time. It is as easy as that.

Bill Johnson

2-24-12 KHA20120224160133.pdf

2-24-12 CLI20120224160316.pdf

2-24-12 JCA20120224160248.pdf

Begin forwarded message:

From: Teri Aulph <teriaulph>

Date: February 24, 2012 2:47:22 PM CST

To: Kathleen Lee <kathleen.lee>, Russ Knight <OJTJobs>

Subject: Temp Position

Good afternoon!

One of my clients, Volunteers of America, is seeking a temporary employees to do staffing. They need to have staffing experience. The position could be for one month or ???

I am hoping this might bridge someone in the group.

Warm regards,


Teri Aulph
Teri Aulph Consulting, LLC
C 918-504-7890
Skype TeriAulph2

Speaker, Author, Business Consultant
Strengthening the Space between People & Business
Author of ‘Experience Job Satisfaction’

HireRight is in need of an application support analyst….see the job description below. If you apply on line, you might let Ann Allred know. Ann is on our team and worked at HireRight last year and knows someone inside.

Bill Johnson

I have just been asked to supply resumes for a revenue accountant with some experience in gas plant accounting. This is a pretty specific request so don’t send a resume thinking you would like to get into this with no visible experience on your resume.

The request comes from a hiring manager of a major oil company who will walk the resumes into HR.

Great opportunity if you qualify.

If you would like to be considered or if you know of anyone who would like to be considered, respond to this E-mail or send your resume to bjcpaok

Bill Johnson

We have a little schedule in this ministry that we call the 25 word list. This list is sent out to recruiters, friends, and alumni of this program and is a source for resumes whenever a company that has received a copy of the list get’s ready to start looking for talent.


In keeping with the format of the Launch Pad information that I just sent out, I am listing FAQ’s about the 25 word list:

Question 1: Why 25 words?

Answer: Because we want to pique the interest of the reader, not bore them before they get to the end of the list. Twenty-five words takes 2 – 3 lines single-spaced and that allows someone to scan the entire list quickly.

Question 2: What if I can’t get it all in 25 words?

Answer: Just like everything else in this ministry we are not sticklers about this. Thirty words is OK, 40 is too much.

Question 3: I have a lot of experience. What if I still can’t get it in 40 words?

Answer: You can because this is not meant to be a mini-resume…..it is meant to be a “hook” to make someone want to see the full resume behind the brief description.

Question 4: I am suffering brain lock. I can’t think creatively right now….how can I go forward?

Answer: This is your lucky day. I have attached a copy of the current list. Just scan some of the listings and see which ones jump out at you and which ones fall flat. Then write something about yourself like the ones that stand out, and avoid writing it like the ones that fall flat.

Question 5: I have several different things I can do and I don’t see a category that fits. What now?

Answer: Who said you could only submit one listing? Write one for each specialty that you bring to the table and we will put you in there several times. If we only allowed you on the list once, someone might pass over a perfectly good candidate because what they were looking for wasn’t highlighted first.

Question 6: Why do you have initials on the list as well as names?

Answer: Because this list is not what we send out for circulation. I truncate the last two columns before it is sent out. Then employers are told to respond with the initials of the resumes they want to see and we will forward those resumes. This keeps the list somewhat confidential and doesn’t broadcast your name to the world. And, when you do get on the list, please don’t tell me to correct your initials. I have them on there as first letter of first name and first two letters of last name so that I can find them easily in my file of resumes. I also open all resumes before I send them out, just to make sure that I am sending the correct one.

Question 7: OK. How do I proceed?

Answer: I am glad you asked. Just return this E-mail and attach your 25 word description, as well as a copy of your latest and greatest resume. The resume is important because I will not put you on the list unless I have something to send out in case someone asks. One of the beauties of this list is the quick response, and if I have to wait around for you to send me a resume…….that is not good. It also helps if you tell me what category you want to be in.

Thanks for your response. I have a hard time understanding why EVERYONE wouldn’t want to do this.

Bill Johnson

Candidate List.xls

Leonard Reitz has a friend who needs a secretary 20 hrs/wk. Pay is $12.50/hr

E-mail Leonard your resume at westenv or call him at (918) 694-7480

Bill Johnson

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