The schedule for the Launch Pad is as follows:

Thursday, February 23 – John Carter, Kent Harris, Clay Lineback

Are you doing everything you can do to further your job search?  If you have not been on the Launch Pad, the answer is NO!

Everything from March 1 and forward is open.  What an opportunity you have!  March 1 is the date that Bob Costello is presenting the third portion of his three part series.  Bob is so supportive of the Launch Pad that he shows up at 11:00 for his 12:10 speaking engagement.  And then, during his presentation, he is always sensitive to the needs of the three people who were on the Launch Pad.  How special is that?

You can be a part of the Launch Pad experience simply by replying to this E-mail with your request to be on the schedule……it is as simple as that.  We have no criteria other than your willingness to allow us to bond with your search.  First come, first served.

Last week I blew an opportunity myself.  I was going to tell everyone that Jennifer Heatherly was the 300th Launch Pad presentation.  I was in a rush mode to get things started and that part of my brain must have shut down.

I also want to put an “Amen” on Russ’ E-mail to the Yahoo Group last night about the passing of Berry Miller.  Most of you who are receiving this message did not have the privelege or the honor to know Berry Miller, but please understand that this ministry is what it is because of his leadership.  In the many places I have worked in my lifetime, the best have always been the ones with strong leadership and a culture that respected a good sense of humor.  Berry’s leadership and sense of humor have made this one of the best experiences of my life and I will always be grateful to him for minimalizing church membership and maximizing the effectiveness of the group by making sure that the focus is on YOU.  We will miss him.