I am doing things a little different today. For you alumni who are reading this, I am doing a summary of each launch pad presentation as well as including the resumes of the presenters.

On the Launch Pad next Thursday, March 1 are Paul Hiller and Harold Kalich. Susan Everett is on the Launch Pad for March 8. Our speaker on March 1 is Bob Costello giving his third presentation of his three part series.

Are you doing everything you can do to further your job search? If you haven’t done the Launch Pad, the answer is “NO”!

First up on the Launch Pad last Thursday was Kent Harris. Kent has a BA in education from Trinity University in San Antonio, an MS in Interior Design and an MA in Industrial Design. Kent’s most recent achievement was the design of the decco drop in downtown Tulsa last New Years Eve. He specializes in furniture design, store fixture dewsign, product design, renovation design, and hand renderings. Kent would like to be part of a design team in a larger corporation, and was given several contacts to check out. He was also encouraged to netrwork into some of the home offices of restaurant chains and to get creative on approaching some of the retailers in the malls whose presentation needs some help.

Second up on the Launch Pad was John Carter. John has a BA in Business Administration from UCO, an MS in Industrial Operations Management from NSU and carries C.P.M, CRIM and CPIM certifications. John’s last two jobs were Hilti (15 yrs) and Corpro (7yrs). John is looking for access to hiring managers at larger companies who have a greater understanding of the job necessities than HR. John got several good suggestions and encouragements, including the name of an insider at Navistar who is familiar with the ministry.

Last up on the Launch Pad was Clay Lineback. Clay has a BS in Business/Marketing from Arkansas University and “Can sell anything”. Most recently he was with Kirby-Smith Equipment selling construction and highway equipment for 15 years. He is confident of finding an equipment sales position but is currently bringing his resume current and investigating sales opportunities in other fields.

What about you? We have one Launch Pad opening for this Thursday and there is really no reason why you shouldn’t let us know about your search. Just return this E-mail with a request to be put on the schedule and I will reply with your date and time. It is as easy as that.

Bill Johnson

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