OK. So Susan Everett is on the Launch Pad for Thursday, March 8, and Kendra Stewart-Broam is on the Launch Pad for Thursday March 15.

What about you?

Are you doing everything that you can do to further your job search? If you have not done the Launch Pad, the answer is “NO”!

We see people get up every Thursday and enlighten us on their job search, and we see others in the room contribute to their search. What we end up with is a better understanding of who you are and what you are looking for, and a record of your search that gets stored in the data base that we carry with us every day….our brain.

When someone contacts the ministry and wants to know if we have anyone who can _________(fill in the blank), the people who come to mind are the ones who have done the Launch Pad.

No offense, but if you haven’t done the Launch Pad you tend to blend in.

So, if you would like to correct that situation, just return this E-mail with a request to be on the schedule and I will respond. It is as simple as that.

Bill Johnson