Scheduled for the Launch Pad for this Thursday, March 15 are Kendra Stewart-Broam, Paige Harris and Nidhi Sharma. If the math is right, we are all full up…..yea.

This creates what every successful salesman looks for…..a sense of urgency.

You have an opportunity to sign up for next week, March 22. (Now comes the sympathy ploy) I am going to be out of town next week, so it sure would make my job a lot easier if you would just go ahead and do it now so I don’t have to be trying to coordinate things by long distance.

I have seen heightened activity in the jobs that are coming available, and when an employer asks me about potential candidates, the people who come to mind are those who have been on the Launch Pad. (Here is some logical reasoning) It just makes you so much more familiar.

Sign up now, (Here’s that sense of urgency again) before next week’s slots get claimed by someone else.

Just respond to this E-mail & I will respond to you….it is that simple. (Trying to make it as non-threatening as possible).

Bill Johnson (