Are you doing everything you can do to further your job search? If you are not on the 25 word list, your answer is NO!

John Carter just took a job at Nordam as head of operations. Congratulations, John. You have been a stellar example of persistent networking.

Did I mention that John was on the 25 word list… two places?

Right after I got the notice from John, I got a request from HR at Nordam for our 25 word list. They are looking for a supply chain manager and for someone in management. I sent her the most current 25 word list. (I wonder if John will be involved in the interview process since this position will probably report to him)

If you fit that description and you have not put your name on the 25 word list….SHAME ON YOU! I told her that I would poll the group for others and would send her the updated list on Friday. (There’s that sense of urgency again). Even if you are not on the manufacturing side, she is going to be looking over the whole list….what an opportunity.

If you want to be on the list, you need to send me your 25 word description and INCDLUDE A COPY OF YOUR RESUME. (I can’t respond to people if I don’t have a resume to back up the listing)

I am attaching a copy of the current list so you can see how different people have written their descriptions.

I want to close with an interesting statement I heard yesterday. I was having lunch yesterday with a couple of people who are well connected and I told them that for some unknown reason, we have a lot of people who haven’t bothered to put their names on the list. The response I got was:



Bill Johnson

Candidate List.xls