Sometimes I find myself in a situation where I think I have joined the “Hereafter” club…..I’m here. I just don’t remember what I’m here after.

Yesterday was one of those times as I forgot to mention OJT, our monthly program at Asbury.

If you need personal attention on any aspect of your job search, Overcoming Job Transitions (OJT) is for you.

We meet from 6:30PM – 9:00PM the third Tuesday of every month at Asbury Methodist Church, 6767 S Mingo. That is this coming Tuesday, April 17th. In a classroom-type setting we take on the following issues:

Square One – Led by Barbara Wright, square one is a self-assessment class to help you discover “What do I really want to do?”
Resumes – Led by Kim Alexander, Frank Wantland, and Mark Fritts, you will get some one-on-one help in writing a resume or making your resume “pop”
Using Linked-in & Other Social Media in your job search – Led by Russ Knight, you will discover not only how to do research, but how to brand yourself on Linked-in
Brainstorming – Led by Bill Johnson….a one hour session along the lines of the Thursday Launch Pad, but handled seated around a table in a more intimate setting.
Networking – Led by Bill Johnson….A one hour session on how to go about expanding your sphere of influence to get interviews for jobs that probably haven’t hit the market yet.
Interviewing – Led by Heather Cupp, When you have mastered everything else, this class is where the rubber meets the road. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Does it seem like some of the names of the leaders are familiar? It should, because many of them are also involved in the First Methodist Employment Transition Ministry that meets every Thursday at FUMC downtown.

Each class is in a separate room, so for two hours you have the opportunity to focus on what you need the most. The differentiator between this program and a college setting is that you control your own schedule. Everyone is there for your benefit, so if you feel like you have gotten everything you need from one class, simply get up and move to another. No one is going to get upset or feel insulted……just go where you need the help.

You only get one chance per month to get this kind of attention so PUT THIS ON YOUR SCHEDULE.

TUESDAY, APRIL 17TH, 6:30pM – 9:00 PM
6767 S MINGO

Go around the North end of the church to the Northeast entrance facing Mathis Brothers. Enter the main doors to the left of the green awning saying “Family Center”.
Go past the gazebo up the stairs and follow the purple signs.


Bill Johnson