to all
Bill is simply reminding those who have not done( or may be afraid to try the launch pad, ) that IF you talk to those who have done it… would find great results in ..not only the feedback and help they got from all the participants…but we bat about 70% for those who’ve done "launch" in ultimately finding a position they wanted and now enjoy.
that’s my 2 cents worth
Jim Blazer

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 1:48 PM, Bill Johnson <bjcpaok> wrote:

I promise that this is the last E-mail for a while.


As of this writing, David Hunter has volunteered for the Launch Pad on the 19th, and Sinda Short has volunteered for the Launch Pad on the 26th.

By simple math, that leaves two slots open in each of the next two weeks.

I have tried to explain over and over that a HUGE part of your job search is networking. That is, expanding your spheres of influence through meeting new people and introducing them to to you and the value proposition that you bring to the table.

Yesterday, after the meeiting, Catherine Anglin approached me and asked me to critique her one minute presentation. Catherine, I do not mean to embarass you, but to embarass me, because, as I explained, an hour later after interacting with the speaker, praying for those who have interviews coming up, and talking to numerous people afterwards, the details of what you said had left me. After she reminded me, I remembered that she had a job but was looking for something with less travel. Now that Catherine & I have spoken, I will remember her name and her face in the future.

I do, however, have it firmly in my mind that: Ellen Averill is a highly professional, well composed, communication leader who once developed a program whereby seven diverse companies of one conglomerate were able to effectively improve the communications with each other; That Melissa Powell was a world record holder in the bench press for her division, set the TCU 200 meter breaststroke record, has been a successful swimming instructor but now wants to take her Business Marketing degree and apply her transferrable skills to move on to a business career; That Nicole Quist was once terrified to speak in front of a group but has discovered over her career that she loves B2B sales and loves to cold call and is looking for a corporate sales position.

How do I remember all of that? Well, what do you remember about our meetings? How many people who got up to introduce themselves do you remember? What is the key to quick recall?……..I rest my case.

To get on the Launch Pad, all you need to do is respond to this Email & I will respond with your place on the schedule. Simple as that.

As always, first come, first served.

Bill Johnson