Corbin Maguire’s talk on Thursday got me thinking….like they always do. He really stresses keeping a positive attitude during your search.

I am currently reading “Lone Survivor” by Marcus Littrell, a Navy SEAL who lead a six man seal team into Afghanistan and was the only one who made it out. I just finished reading the chapters detailing his SEAL training and it is brutal. The last week of their basic training is where they weed out those who don’t want to be a SEAL more than life itself. It starts with 80 straight hours of physical punishment including regular 15 minute stints up to their neck in the 59 degree Pacific Ocean, followed by a four mile run where teams of seven carry a 150 pound log over their heads while they run. After 80 hours of total exhertion they are allowed to sleep for 1 1/2 hours…then go at it again.

The relative point I take from this story is this…..before it all started, they received a talk from Joe MaGuire, a decorated SEAL who was on his way to be an Admiral. He told them to take the week one task at a time and not project forward at all….otherwise they wouldn’t make it. Marcus kept telling himself, “I can do this one more task”, while others dropped out as they complained that if it was this bad on Monday, what was it going to be like leading up to Thursday?

Take your search one task at a time. Get finished with that task and take on another. Don’t be discouraged by any long-term projections you might be tempted to make after something doesn’t go your way, because their are going to be certain things in your search that you can’t control…such as the personality or quirks of the person who is interviewing you. The right job WILL come your way and when you are elated by that time when someone tells you that you are the one, there are others who are being disappointed by the decision….that’s just the way it is.

Just make sure that you are the best prepared, self-confident candidate out there and it will happen.

One way you can be best prepared and improve your confidence level is to do the Launch Pad

This week Seni Boyd and Neil Mavis have volunteered. That leaves one opening For this Thursday and three for every Thursday after that. Just respond to this E-mail with a request to be put on the schedule & I will respond with a time.

As always, first come, first served.

Bill Johnson