I am rarely at a loss for words. But lately, it has happened to me twice. Once when the company I work for let my boss go. I know he will land on his feet and a wonderful opportunity awaits. He is a great guy and any company would be lucky to have him. But firing someone is firing someone regardless of the euphemism that is used: let go, laid off, reduction in force, whatever…it still sucks. And yet, what could I say that didn’t sound like a cliché? “Keep in touch?” “Something better will come along?” “It’s their loss?” I’ve worked with people who have lost their job for more than four years. Forget that, I’d lost more jobs since moving to Tulsa than I care to remember. Probably the most helpful thing I had to tell him was that I know this great group that meets on Thursdays!

Then, stranger yet, my friend Russ got a job that he is so perfect for and everyone else on the team found something to say. All I could do though was worry about him. A bad case of the “what ifs” had paralyzed me. I just hated to see someone as talented and caring and hard-working as Russ is get hurt again. I’ve had jobs that I was absolutely the best person for and I lost those too. Yikes! I think that’s what my grandmother used to call borrowing trouble!

I guess what I want you to take away from this is that if people don’t say anything – it’s not about you – it’s about them. If people say something stupid, they care about you but don’t know how to help. We are all mortal and we fumble our way through these times the best way we know how…and sometimes we fall short.

I can tell my boss and Russ and each of you that I care and I am always, always lifting you up to God, asking that you be given strength for the journey and courage to step out even when you can’t see where the road is going.

Blessings to all,