November 2012

For your information.

Bill Johnson


Well, we now have one volunteer for the Launch Pad on this Thursday the 29th…..Dr Frank Wantland.

Thanksgiving is past, we have eaten our fill, watched a little football, visited with relatives…… it is time to get back to work.

I hope you all got a chance to see the article in the Tulsa World by Lori Winslow about the Employment Transition Ministry… was in the Friday Business section and a reprise summary was in yesterday’s business section.

In case you didn’t get the main point…..we are all about YOU.

How can we help you? We can’t, if you don’t give us the chance.

The Launch Pad was originally developed because we found ourselves loosing touch with the individuals with just a presentation from 12:00 – 1:00.

The Launch Pad allows us to bond with your search. It keeps YOU and YOUR NEEDS in the forefront of our minds.


Sign up today. Just return this E-mail with a request to be on the schedule, and I will get back to you with a confirmation.

Nothing could be more simple……so do it now… excuse.

Bill Johnson

So we are starting early, since we have no one on the schedule for our next meeting which is November 29.

If you were paying attention today, almost everyone who spoke mentioned a positive experience on the Launch Pad. That is because the Launch Pad connects everyone in the room to your search.

In the last week i received two E-mails from people who started their E-mail with….”Do you remember the person on the Launch Pad who?”….both of them couldn’t remember a name, but they remembered everything else about them and they wanted to pass on a hot lead. I keep a complete list of everyone who has been on the Launch Pad and when they were on, so I can usually reply with a good E-mail address.

You will receive positive feedback, good suggestions, leads, and ideas on companies who might need your talents….usually with a name of someone on the inside.

The qualifications you need to meet to be on the Launch Pad are……oh, wait….THE ONLY QUALIFICATION IS THAT YOU SHOW UP ON THE THURSDAY YOU ARE SCHEDULED FOR THE LAUNCH PAD.

I guess that means that everyone is qualified, so just return this E-mail with your request, and I will return your request with a confirmation.

We just can’t make it simpler than that.

Bill Johnson

For those of you who were unable to make it to lunch today, the homeless shelter thanks you. We took the unclaimed box lunches by there after the event.

Jay Ide at Williams is in dire need of a Java developer…..not someone who has had a class, but someone who has experience. E-mail me back if you would like to discuss this with him.

Also, the gentlemen who took the lunches at the homeless shelter also doubles on the FUMC switchboard during the week and he said that yesterday the West company called the church to see if anyone needed a job. Interesting approach for a call center. Now before you pass on it, we have had people take call center jobs for several reasons…..first, many times they offer benefits and second, many times they have flexible hours. If you are near that desperate mark, money-wise, you can sometimes work the schedule where you have one or two days a week free to continue looking for a job, or work a swing shift where you can look for a job and interview in the morning, while still providing something for your family.

Be creative before you are judgmental.

Bill Johnson

Trust me on this one, folks! Appcelerator is an awesome company to work for! I should know because I do. I tele-commute which means I go, oh say, 25 or 30 feet to the office everyday. Yea, whew! That takes its toll on you…

If you or anyone you know is a mobile app developer and is looking for work, let me know or contact Leilani Lucero. Her contact info is at the end of this listing.

Maybe we’ll be colleagues someday!


Michael Stelly


Appcelerator is the leading platform for rapidly developing native mobile and tablet applications using web technologies. We have big plans for growth and are aggressively hiring for our HQ office.  Appcelerator’s flagship product, Titanium, is a free and open source application development platform that lets you create native mobile and tablet application experience using web development skills. This is an opportunity to join one of the hottest fast-growing start-ups in the mobile industry!

Appcelerator was selected as a finalist in one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 2012 by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

We have an immediate opening for a Mobile Developer in our Professional Services organization.  Our ideal candidate will be an experienced mobile developer who is confortable with JavaScript and has native development experience with iOS or Android tools. You will utilize the Titanium platform to create apps across iOS, Android, Mobile hybrid applications, Windows and Blackberry devices.

Our apps have close to a million downloads! There are hundreds of thousands of Titanium developers and apps out there, this is an opportunity to really make an impact.   Come join the Appcelerator Professional Services team as we look to significantly expand our reach in this growing market!

This position is available worldwide


  • Degree in Computer Science
  • End-to-end mobile application development
  • Working knowledge of release management techniques.
  • Familiarity with industry standard design patterns for most
  • Expert level knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Min. 2 years JavaScript coding experience.
  • Understanding of various development methodologies.
  • Impressive code.
  • Object-oriented JavaScript experience.
  • Awareness of browser quirks / idiosyncrasies.
  • Experience with popular JavaScript libraries.
  • Strong knowledge of MySQL.
  • Expert HTML and CSS skills.
  • Experience with source code management techniques using SVN, Mercury or Git.

Strong skills either iOS and/or Android development:

  • iOS
    • Strong object-oriented programming skills.
    • Expertise in Xcode and Interface Builder.
    • In-depth knowledge of Objective C 2.0, Cocoa Framework, Apple Script, Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Animation.
    • Expertise in the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch Framework, Open GL ES 2.0, Open AL, Core Graphics, Core Animation, and the Game Kit and Store Kit frameworks.
    • Proficiencies in CFNetwork programming and QuickTime Framework.
    • Knowledge of XML-RPC, WebKit, and Quartz.
    • Experience with Instruments such as Leaks, Object Allocation, and CPU Sampler.
    • Min. 2 year experience in Android-specific application development.
    • Min. 4 years of software programming experience with 2-3 years Java application development, with extensive use of Java I/O, Collections, Algorithms and well known application frameworks.
    • Good understanding of OO concepts.
    • Good understanding of Design Patterns.
    • Proficient in requirement gathering and analysis.
    • Exposure to at least one of these mobile platforms: J2ME, Windows Mobile 5.0 + (not WinCE), Symbian (S60 or S40), Embedded Linux or BlackBerry.
    • At least two commercially published applications available for immediate download and review of your contributions by our development team.
    • A solid understanding of operating system fundamentals such as processes, inter-process communication, multi-threading primitives, race conditions and deadlocks.


  • Ability to travel up to 75% of the time
  • Strong personal management, communication, and technical writing skills
  • Ability to work autonomously and to prioritize tasks, while managing a diverse workload


  • Certifications in platform development technologies, such as Appcelerator’s TCAD certification

If you are in search of an opportunity for a company that fosters innovation and creativity, while delivering cutting edge mobile technologies, then visit to learn more about our open positions and submit your resume today.

Appcelerator is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We welcome job applications from qualified individuals without regard to race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or any other protected characteristics.

Leilani Lucero

TA Specialist

O: (650) 528-2934

M: (408) 916-7762

Please contact Doug Irwin of the Rowland Group regarding this position.

Doug Irwin
The Rowland Group
Sr. Information Technology Recruitment Manager
(918) 836-1900 ext. 124
(918) 836-2667 (Fax)
3851 S 103rd E. Ave.
Tulsa, OK. 74146

Mention my name (I get a referral bonus).

Good Luck,

Michael Stelly

I am so sad that I can’t be at lunch tomorrow. I never miss a free meal! Well, that and we are interviewing for someone to take my place. Since I won’t be there to give you a card, I thought I’d forward a piece I wrote after I lost one of my jobs. I found that by changing the way I think, I changed my life. Depression and interviews don’t go well together. I would encourage you to make your own list. Just write down three things each day that you’re thankful for…at first it may be “I’m thankful I made it through the day.” or “I’m thankful I didn’t get run over today.” but write down three no matter what. Pretty soon, you’ll see a change too! What are you thankful for today? A free meal? A friend? A group of people who understand how you feel? Write it down.

If I hadn’t lost my job…

· I wouldn’t have a new family of brothers and sisters.

· I wouldn’t have felt the need to answer a small request in the Sunday bulletin for people who have a heart for anyone who has lost a job.

· I wouldn’t have spent time with Frank and figured out what I “really” want to do when I grow up.

· I wouldn’t have taken the time to rest my body and soul after I was fired.

· I wouldn’t have met Gloria and realized how much I will miss her when she moves.

· I wouldn’t have had to examine my prayer life and found it lacking in sincerity and frequency.

· I wouldn’t have understood the many emotions you feel: the fear, our uncertainty, our anger, our depression, or the joy, relief and comfort we find when we all sit down together.

· I wouldn’t have known the necessity to get up at the crack of dawn to attend a seven o’clock meeting with people who tease me and make me laugh (a never before occurrence in the life of a confirmed “I’m not a morning person” person.)

· I wouldn’t have had the time to sit still and really listen to what God was saying to me.

· I wouldn’t have been able to ask Bob Costello or Bill Johnson what to say when I had to tell an interviewer that I had been fired from my last job.

· I wouldn’t have known what to say to my son as he goes into an interview for a promotion within Apple. I told him to tell stories and be memorable!

· I wouldn’t have heard Bill Young say, “Yes, I’m overqualified for this job but how great to know you don’t have to be concerned about whether or not I know how to do it. What a bonus for both of us!”

· I wouldn’t have learned how much I love walking the labyrinth at Hunter Park and how it stills my soul and helps me walk away ready to live fully again.

· I wouldn’t have cleared a corner of my room to quietly listen to what God needs all of us to hear. My writing isn’t just for you, I needed to hear it too.

· I wouldn’t have met Shirley and witnessed the power of corporate and intercessory prayer.

· I wouldn’t have spent time rewriting my resume and painfully acknowledging my strengths and accomplishments. Why is it so hard to pat ourselves on the back?

· I certainly wouldn’t have been as brave as I am required to be or as comfortable in the mighty armor of God.

· I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have received a jar filled with money for Christmas!

· I wouldn’t have been shown that I am one of an amazing group of people whose value and goodness weren’t recognized by an idiot supervisor!

· I wouldn’t have known to introduce you, my new friends, to my old friends: Jerry, Shirley, Laura, Tana, and many, many more.

· I wouldn’t have met a new literacy student who wants to be able to read the Bible because that’s how you know how to get to heaven. Isn’t God amazing to help us find one another?!

· I wouldn’t have looked up as many scriptures and quotes to put on cards to give people who need a little encouragement.

· I wouldn’t have known the depth of my roommate’s compassion. She allows me to live in her home even though I can no longer hold up my end of our bargain by paying the bills. You should all be blessed with such a friend.

· I wouldn’t have been able to use the God-given talent I have found to write and create cards to share what God wants to you know, putting feet to my prayers.

· I wouldn’t have been able to fill my days with anything but anger, remorse and fear.

· I wouldn’t have realized that I could fill the tearful voids in my life with the confidence, and love and trust that are the rewards of adversity.

· I wouldn’t have gone into those interviews so confidently because I knew so many people were praying for me.

· I wouldn’t have realized that all those things I thought I had to have were wants, not needs.

· I wouldn’t have been forced to accept gifts graciously without any way to repay the giver.

· I wouldn’t get to sit in my backyard, on my wonderful swing under the redbud tree, listening to the birds sing, reading a wonderful book and thanking God that I had this wonderful afternoon.

· I wouldn’t have learned that nothing is all bad, not even losing a job I loved (for the most part!).

· I wouldn’t have remembered to count my blessings every day and have to make a long list like this!

· I wouldn’t have realized how good it feels to stand, sit, kneel in the presence of God and know that I am not alone. And…

· I probably wouldn’t have met you, and how much richer my life has been because of that!

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