The American Red Cross has a huge relief response underway in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, providing people across a number of states with a safe place to stay, food to eat and comfort during this difficult time.
The Red Cross has shelters open all over the region and is sending additional disaster workers and supplies into the area. The Red Cross has already served more than 100,800 meals and snacks and mobilized more than 2,300 disaster workers and almost 200 emergency vehicles so far and more are being deployed. This is a huge disaster, bigger than any one organization can handle and the Red Cross is working closely with multiple partners including a variety of civic groups, advocacy organizations, professional organizations and houses of worship to share their expertise and volunteers. This response to Hurricane Sandy is just getting started. The storm has left devastation in its wake and the Red Cross will be helping people for weeks to come. This will be very costly and the Red Cross needs our help now.

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