For those of you who were unable to make it to lunch today, the homeless shelter thanks you. We took the unclaimed box lunches by there after the event.

Jay Ide at Williams is in dire need of a Java developer…..not someone who has had a class, but someone who has experience. E-mail me back if you would like to discuss this with him.

Also, the gentlemen who took the lunches at the homeless shelter also doubles on the FUMC switchboard during the week and he said that yesterday the West company called the church to see if anyone needed a job. Interesting approach for a call center. Now before you pass on it, we have had people take call center jobs for several reasons…..first, many times they offer benefits and second, many times they have flexible hours. If you are near that desperate mark, money-wise, you can sometimes work the schedule where you have one or two days a week free to continue looking for a job, or work a swing shift where you can look for a job and interview in the morning, while still providing something for your family.

Be creative before you are judgmental.

Bill Johnson