So we are starting early, since we have no one on the schedule for our next meeting which is November 29.

If you were paying attention today, almost everyone who spoke mentioned a positive experience on the Launch Pad. That is because the Launch Pad connects everyone in the room to your search.

In the last week i received two E-mails from people who started their E-mail with….”Do you remember the person on the Launch Pad who?”….both of them couldn’t remember a name, but they remembered everything else about them and they wanted to pass on a hot lead. I keep a complete list of everyone who has been on the Launch Pad and when they were on, so I can usually reply with a good E-mail address.

You will receive positive feedback, good suggestions, leads, and ideas on companies who might need your talents….usually with a name of someone on the inside.

The qualifications you need to meet to be on the Launch Pad are……oh, wait….THE ONLY QUALIFICATION IS THAT YOU SHOW UP ON THE THURSDAY YOU ARE SCHEDULED FOR THE LAUNCH PAD.

I guess that means that everyone is qualified, so just return this E-mail with your request, and I will return your request with a confirmation.

We just can’t make it simpler than that.

Bill Johnson