So where were you yesterday? Please tell me you had an interview or a networking meeting and noon on Thursday was the only time they could see you.

Of the 250 people who will eventually receive this email, less than 5% showed up yesterday. We had a young lady named Jennie Dexter who volunteered for the launch pad….AND SHE HAD NEVER BEEN TO A MEETING BEFORE. She got about a half hour of our undivided attention and, even though the attendance was light, the help was spirited.

If you are taking a break for the holidays, you should probably re-think your strategy:

Chet Lohman just got hired
Chuck low just got hired
Greg Pratt just got hired
Tom McKinley just got hired
Kevin Turner starts his new job January 2
Ed Miller has an interview scheduled
Kent Garrett had an interview yesterday.

I got a call from a friend who told me he was mentoring a young man who just dropped out of college and needs to find a job soon. The next morning I got a call from an alum whose company was looking for several people to work in their inventory yard. Great company, excellent opportunity. when I called my friend, he said the young man had just left town to go to Colorado for Christmas………I wonder if this company will hold that job open until he gets back?……Hmmmm……..not likely.

My point is this. We are not quitting for the holidays. We will meet on Thursday the 20th…..we will meet on Thursday the 27th…….we will meet on Thursday January 3rd.

This Thursday our speaker is Travis Jones and Travis always has some great tips. We will also do the Launch Pad, and at this moment Ken Wills has requested a slot if he doesn’t have an interview scheduled. (He doesn’t seem to be taking the holidays off)

That means there are two slots available. Don’t loose your edge. Give yourself a jump-start and schedule a time. All you have to do is return this email and ask for a slot. It couldn’t be easier!

As always, slots are first come, first served.

Bill Johnson