I probably got more response from my email on Friday than any email I have sent out. I got words of encouragement, responses from people who had found jobs, responses from people i hadn’t heard from in quite a while, and I even got one response that just said “take me off your list”.

The only type of response I didn’t get was an offer to participate in the Launch Pad.

That still leaves us with at least two slots open on Thursday.

How about it? You have had the weekend to think about it. Why not lift your spirits for Christmas by getting encouraged on your search?

Just return this Email with your request and I will assign you a slot.

One thing we did learn about Christmas being slow for job searches is that not only did Chet Lohman, Chuck Low, Greg Pratt and Tom McKinley find jobs during the season, but so did Lauren Myers, Susan Davies, Jeanine Coleman, and David Files. Must be something in the air.

Bill Johnson