February 2013

Hello All!

There is an opening in my company, Limco Airepair for a receptionist position! Could pay anywhere from $14 to $16 an hour!

Today is possibly the last day for interviews so please give Limco a call to set up an interview FAST!!! 918-445-4300
This is a great company and I know the job will go to a great candidate so get your resume out, your business attire, and your cover letter. Limco is the place for you!



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Bill Johnson


Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow night (Tuesday) is OJT (Overcoming Job Transitions) at Asbury.

It starts at 6:30 and offers a class setting where you can get some individualized help with your job search.

Classes offered are:

Getting Started (What do I want to be when I grow up)

Go around the North end of the building until you get to the back. Enter the main doors next to the awning that says “Family Center” (or something like that).

Follow the signs upstairs to OJT.

This is brought to you by the same people who put on the Thursday meeting at First Methodist.

See you there.

Bill Johnson

So far this week only Beckah Brady has volunteered for the Launch Pad.

I am not going to plead, I am just going to re-run our FAQ:


FAQ’s about the Launch Pad:

Question 1: What is the big deal about the launch Pad?

Answer: The big deal is that everyone in the room bonds with your search. Not only that, but you will receive names, companies, ideas and resume suggestions that will give you something to do immediately about your search. Sometime back Russ & I were trying to think of people who would be a fit for a job that came across his cell phone during the Launch Pad. I sent Russ a complete list of everyone who had done the Launch Pad because we can just read the names and images jump into our minds. Unfortunately, just introducing yourself does not leave a lasting impression.

Question 2: How can I get out there in front of strangers? It is too scary.

Answer: You are not going to find a better room of friends. Your social friends are going to give a little advice or encouragement and then go back to their jobs and lives and forget. The people in that room are all in the same place or have been in the same place you are in right now. Even among the leadership group, there are very few people who haven’t experienced job loss. I, myself have been laid off politely, laid off rudely, been fired politely, fired rudely, have worked my way out of a job twice and quit and moved on twice, have taken the wrong job twice, and once I even testified in court on behalf of the company and right afterwards was basically told “thanks for all you have done for us….we don’t need you anymore.”

Question 3: Why can’t I just wait until my resume is ready?

Answer: Because your resume will never be “ready”. The resume is not the most important part of the Launch Pad anyway. We would like nothing better than to help you make it more relevant, but your previous jobs, education, and experiences in your job history are going to be more important than the white space or type fonts in your resume. Besides, if you get on the Launch Pad and then realize that you really want to pursue your passion, you can always get back on the Launch Pad and look for new ideas on how you can do that.

Question 4: I have seen the Launch Pad and I feel intimidated by the experience level of those who present.

Answer: That seems to be a self-perpetuating problem. The more experienced people are the most comfortable in front of a group. But don’t let that hide the value. We have had numerous people get out there and spend time explaining what they can’t do. We gently turn their focus on what they CAN do. Everyone has a value proposition, and it is very important that you can recognize and be excited about yours. It is easy to get discouraged on a job search. You need to have a way to re-charge your batteries and the Launch Pad is perfect for that.

Question 5: What is the acceptable format for the Launch Pad?

Answer: Are you kidding? The 20 minutes are all yours. We only ask that you not use it to sell Amway or use false pretenses to promote some product. One guy passed out 3×5 cards and explained that he would appreciate feedback in a written form because he was ADD and was going to talk for 20 minutes….and he did. Another older gentleman took off his sport coat and started his Launch Pad by dropping down and doing 60 pushups…..just to let us know he wasn’t as old as he looked. Another young man read a prepared text on why he got fired and what he had learned from it, and yet another person talked the whole 20 minutes as he reasoned his way into going after his true passion of life. We recommend that you spend five to 10 minutes filling in the details of who you are and what you are looking for and then allow 10 – 15 minutes for feedback……but it’s whatever floats your boat.

Question 6: OK What do I have to do to qualify to get on the schedule?

Answer: Everyone has the opportunity….for whatever reason, some have not tried. That is their loss. All you need to do is respond to this E-mail with a simple request to be put on the schedule and I will respond with your time. It is that simple. I ask that you respond by E-mail for two reasons. First, it is first come, first served, and E-mail makes it clear who was first. Second, if you tell me during a meeting, there is a good chance I will forget before I get back to the office and that tends to cause hard feelings.

Thanks in advance for volunteering….le bon ton rolle’.

Bill Johnson

Thursday our speaker is Lisa Johnson with Part Time Pros. We give her free reign to speak on what is on her heart, but quite often her subjects have to do with interviewing. She will leave you with a nugget or two so don’t miss it.

So far we have no volunteers for the Launch Pad. If you have told someone you want to do the Launch Pad, you just need to pass that word to me and I will put you on the schedule.

As I mentioned last week at our regular meeting, we have had over 400 people present their search on the Launch Pad, and no one has reported a bad experience. Quite the contrary. This is an opportunity to lift your spirits and give your search a boost.

It is a real benefit to us because you get planted on our consciousness….we are very aware of who you are and what you do.

There is only one pre-requisite to being on the Launch Pad…..you have to ask.

You do so by returning this e-mail with a request to be put on the schedule & I will respond to your request. It’s that simple.

What are you waiting for?

Bill Johnson