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Bill Johnson


Sorry you’re getting it twice. I forgot to copy the leadership team on the first one!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kathleen Lee <kathleen.lee>

Date: March 15, 2012 9:38:17 PM CDT

To: Bobbie Harper <bobbie5415>, David Keneipp <ken2dl>

Subject: Welcome to our new folks!

In the Cc: of this email, you have emails for all of the leadership team. If you don’t know who knows/does what, ask me. We are all in this to help you, so don’t hesitate to use the resources right at your fingertips.


Welcome! I’m sorry you have a reason to be with us but I know for certain you’ve made a good decision. We passed the “where two or more of you are gathered” stage about seven or eight hundred people ago but God is certainly in this place. You are not alone in any meaning of the phrase. Don’t ever underestimate someone’s importance. You will never find a room filled with people who would love to help you like this one. You’re not alone and we are here for you.

1) I am attaching a document that will tell you how to upload your resume to our Yahoo website. We are in the process of switching over to this website, so it’s important that you become familiar with it.

2) You need a resume. Whatever you have is great. Send it to James Hewitt (james.hewitt) by e-mail and we will make sure everyone on the leadership team gets it. This is in addition to you putting it on the website. If you have website questions, contact Russ Knight.

3) I work at home on an iMac. Sometimes formatting gets lost in the translation. If you cannot open a file I send, let me know. There are many ways to send documents and one of them will work! Also, if you are using Microsoft Vista or later, you must save your document as “Word document 1997 through 2004” or whatever it says under SAVE AS. It must go out as a .doc, not .docx. Many of us cannot open .docx.

4) Sign up for what we call The Launch Pad. Bill Johnson’s e-mail is at the top of this email and he’s the one that schedules it. Rather than thinking you have to talk about yourself for 20 minutes, realize you only have to talk for about 5 and then let everyone else help you for 15 more minutes. People survive it every week! Even if you don’t know what you want, we’ll help you figure it out!

That’s enough for now. Remember, you are in good hands and you’ve made a good decision.



In a nutshell:

Join our Yahoo group Link:

Read Russ’ blog

Ask me anything you need to know.


ETM had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Clay Staires for a presentation a few weeks ago. He was kind enough to share his presentation notes. Click the link to download it. What is your Metron?

From an email sent to Bill Johnson:

Chet has a good point below, and he has a link that is pretty good……for large audiences that are a distance from the podium.  I have done a lot of public speaking and these are great tips for large groups.

We are different in two ways.  First, our speakers stand among, not in front of, their audience.  That can be a little disconcerting except that these are not disinterested strangers, and they are not expecting pearls of wisdom.  Use the living room approach in the link because you could actually be talking in your living room… a matter of fact, our living room is never as hostile as some family living rooms can be.

Second, remind yourself constantly that EVERYONE in the room is, or has been, in the very same situation you find yourself in.  You are therefore with friends, or at least kindred spirits.

Another thing I picked up from the article is the suggestion to speak to two people.  I have never had anyone tell me that, but as I think over it, usually as soon as I start speaking I am scanning the audience for several kind faces, and I focus on them as I speak.  If I were to suggest this technique for the Launch pad, I would suggest that before you speak you find three people who are friendly or appear friendly to you….one directly in front and one to each side, but closer to the front.  That way, you can gently sweep the audience as you start to speak and that might help to calm you down.

Good advice, Chet.  Thanks for thinking of everyone. (feel free to speak to Chet….he’s on your side)

Bill Johnson


From Chet Lohman:

I know many of our members at FUMC have not volunteered for the launchpad yet.  Perhaps this article could help…

You’ve heard of it. You’ve read about it. What the heck is it? Let Bill Johnson explain:

Every Monday morning, I send out an E-mail updating everyone on the status of the Launch Pad……this would be it.
At the meeting on Thursday, I could have sworn that several people were writing down my E-mail address to request a spot on the Launch Pad, but no one did………Huh……..I must have been mistaken.

Or maybe not.  Maybe the excitement wore off quickly and you remembered that it seemed a little intimidating to you, or maybe you determined that you just weren’t ready…….Huh……I hope I am mistaken.

You see, the Launch Pad is an open opportunity for other people to connect to your job search.  It is also an open opportunity for you to get some names, ideas, and direction to give your search a jump-start or a re-start (hence the name Launch Pad).  The fact of the matter is that two weeks ago we had eleven new people in the room and last Thursday we had twelve.  Although everyone introduced themselves, that memory is fading fast.  I, for one, remember those who do the Launch Pad.  If I start to forget, I also have a complete list of dates and names of EVERYONE who has done the Launch Pad in the past, and I keep a file on every resume that crosses my path via E-mail, so I can research the Launch Pad history when someone is looking for someone within a specific specialty.

So, it is up to you to help us help you.

Put aside your hang-ups and inhibitions.  There is no “state of readiness” for the Launch Pad.  It is your 20 minutes and all you have to do to qualify is to ask send me an email.  I have no one on the schedule beyond this Thursday, so I suggest you take a leap of faith NOW.

Ask your self, “Am I doing everything I can to further my job search?”  If you haven’t volunteered for the Launch Pad, the answer is “NO”.

Have you heard of 25 words? Wonder what it is? Wonder no longer. Bill Johnson explains in detail:

…I am now going to turn your attention to the 25 word list.  This is another tool we use to get your name out to those who might be hiring.

We ask each of you to consider writing a blurb about yourself so that people will know that you are looking, and we request that it be limited to 25 words….the reason being, we want HR people and others to be able to scan the list quickly to find what they are looking for.  All of us on the committee have contacts that we send this list to on a regular basis.  We also send it to people who have come through the program and have found a job…..they are our strongest advocates, and you would be surprised how many have responded wanting to see resumes.

Do we reject your submission if it is more than 25 words?  Not necessarily….30 is OK, 40 is too much.  We are not asking for a summary of your resume, but a hook that will make someone want to see the resume behind the information.  Here is a copy of the current list so you can scan it yourself.  Please note that some of these descriptions grab your attention and some do not……write yours accordingly.

Why should you do this?  Well, Packy Cowan did (and the Launch Pad) and she just got a job that came directly as a result of us sending the 25 word list to someone who had been through the program.  This morning I got a request from an alumnus for all of the resumes we had on the list who are HR specialists.  (Take note….if you are in HR and are not on the list as an HR specialist, you just missed an opportunity to have your resume FIRST in front of someone who is actively looking).  I also saw a request on the Yahoo group for resumes from those who would like to be an administrative assistant for Nordam.  This is someone who will probably take the resumes she gets in response into HR and ask them to start the interview process.  I put her on my list of people to receive the 25 word list and asked her to walk it into HR at Nordam.  She will now get an updated list every week, which means that your information could be at Nordam on a regular basis.


If you would like your name on the 25 word list, just email your 25 word description and a copy of your latest and greatest resume to me, Bill Johnson.  I prefer your description in Excel format because it is easier for me to transfer, but I haven’t rejected anyone who failed to read this E-mail closely and sent it in some other format. (I do, however, wonder how good your interview skills can be where you have to listen and respond, when you can’t read and respond).

We are not your mothers……we can’t force you to eat your peas and carrots, and we can’t force you to do the things that we know you need to do to find a job.  We can only shake our heads in wonderment that it sometimes takes so long for the light bulb to come on.  However, let me assure you that when your light bulb comes on, we will not shake our heads…..WE WILL REJOICE.

Ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I can do to further my job search?”  If you are not on the Launch Pad and you are not on the 25 word list, your answer is “NO”.